Lenten Devotionals

What is the Meaning of This?, by Marti Pechnyo

Patience, by Cheryl Kennedy

Ashes, by Lorri Gunn Wirsum

Hell in a Handbasket, by Pam Woll

What Are You Giving Up?, by Ellie Carlson

Do You Need a Spiritual Tow?, by Kristy Combs

God in the Details, by Deborah Rose

Blessed Rest, by Craig McCroskey

Reflections from Ash Wednesday, by Sharon Phillips

Self-Examination - Isolation, by Terrill L. Stumpf

Turn About, by Donald Camp

What Matters Most, by Hannah Basil

Upside-Down Kingdom, by Pastor Matt Fitzgerald

Am I Accepted?, by Linda Zhou 

My Concidental Lenten Discipline, by Kristin Lane Mack

So Much Suffering, by Pastor Avena Ward

A Lenten Devotional, by Steve Peterson 

Thankful, by Melanie Harris

Giving It Up, by Mark Lefens

A Mindful Morning, by Andy Dow

Grandma Helen, by Lorien Parry

Justice in Lent, by Petrine Ashley

We Are Not Alone, by Diana Laskaris

Rabbi Mike and the Easter Aura, by Chuck Kent

Forgiveness, by Marcia Knudson

Turning the Other Cheek, by Dodd Brown

With a Little Help from My Friends, by Todd Coe

Into the Wilderness, by Jeff Carlson

Praise God, by Lisa Patterson Raterman

Love Letters, by Violet Ricker

My Kind of People, by Deon Fayhee

Question One, by Lynn Dykstra

Peekaboo, by Sarah Garcia

Flowers, by Jan Bail

Possibilities, by Lorien Parry

A Very Happy Ending, by Nancy Godinez

Excuses, by M. W. Salsbury

As the Days of Lent Wind Down I Wonder... by Pat Ruch

Working out the Math, by Lydia Murray

Listen, by Jan Womack

Con Amor, by Ramiro Gonzalez

Don't give up, Christ didn't!  Cry out, Christ did! by Matt Fitzgerald

Easter Dresses, by Ellie Carlson