Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly

That’s what God calls us to do in Micah 6:8 and we take it seriously, remembering also Jesus’ instruction to look after the interests of the least among us (Matthew 25:31-46). Members of St. Pauls are involved in many forms of advocacy and service to our community and world.

Racial Justice Resources

Provided by St. Pauls Anti-Racism Cluster (SPARC)

How can we better understand the concepts and issues involved in addressing racism? What role can we play, individually and as a church, in facing historic harms and in transforming society to free us all? Consult this list of resources to join in the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy in our society, systems, institutions, and ourselves as we strive for a more just world.

Faith & Public Issues Task Force

Learning, educating, acting

We can’t change society without changing minds and hearts, starting with our own. This group meets monthly to share ideas on social action, learn from each other, and plan how to educate and engage our church members on a wide range of social justice issues. Rick Peterson gives a brief introduction to the group in this video, and also invites you to reach out directly to him to learn more.

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Started by St. Pauls over 150 years ago

UCAN is one of the most impactful youth and family services organizations in Chicago, serving tens of thousands of people a year with the conviction that “youth who have suffered trauma can become our future leaders.”  Although it  has long been an independent nonprofit, it was started by St. Pauls members shortly after the Civil War, to help orphans of that conflict.
Today, St. Pauls remains committed to UCAN’s transformative work in youth development, violence prevention, and anti-racism, creating and hosting events such as the Polar Peace March (our seventh annual March was held virtually in 2021, and is shown in the video here).