Campaign to Expand And Elevate Our Openness

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What Is the Campaign’s Purpose? 

The funds raised will be used to complete Phase II of the six-year project designed to make the St. Pauls Church building accessible in all public spaces. Phase II includes the installation of a six-stop elevator to reach all building levels, as well as construction of a welcoming, open-air courtyard plaza containing a north end access ramp to the spacious new entry lobby and elevator. Phase I, completed in 2020 during the COVID shutdown and paid for in full with early campaign pledges, created an accessible,
all-gender washroom suite, a new access ramp to the chancel, new sanctuary side lobby, and completely upgraded electrical panel and power capacity.

What will the New Spaces Look Like?

To see images of the Phase II plans and the completed Phase I work, Click Here >

How can I Learn More about the Campaign?

To watch the campaign video and learn more about St. Pauls history of capital investment across our 180 years of responding to God’s call and “Making a Joyful Sound in the City,” Click Here >